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Listening Activities

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Listening for Environmental Sounds



The Find Sounds search enginge - www.findsounds.com/types

     Locates online sounds made by birds, animals, natural events, household items, musical instruments, holiday events, people, tools, vehicles and more.


Bananas in Pyjamas

     Times animal-sound matching/concentration activity with easy, hard or very hard examples.


Animal Sounds

     Invites user to type the name of the animal heard from a word bank of 21 animals.


Who Am I?

     ASks users to guess sounds made by 20 animals heard at night


Fisher Price Animal Sounds

     Users click on the picture of the animal they hear


Musical Instruments

     Identify sounds and sort musical instruments


Which One Makes the Sound you Hear?

     8 animal and music sounds


Sound-Object Association

     Learning Module for the beginning listener


Brain Teasers

     Discrimination activities for non speech sounds



     2 games - sounds game - children guess wht sounds they can hear and Music Unit 2 - Lotto Game - Sounds

Listening for Speech


Brain Teasers for Speech

     Sound dominoes and Memory, that feature discriminating speech sounds


Alien Scavenger Hunt

     Asks players to choose the sounds they hear in  the word presented



     Concentration game of sounds and words


Fuzzy Lion Ears

     Game for listening for beginning sounds of words


Lanolin's Greenhouse

     Practice listening for sounds ar the beginning of words


Pumpkin Patch

     Listen for ending sounds of words


What Do You Hear?

     16 units for discrimination practice of vocabulary and grammar


Sound Discrimination Activities

     Nine activities in hearing common vocabulary words through pictures and accompanying audio


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